Online Scrapbooking for Busy Parents

We all want to preserve memories, but putting together scrapbooks takes time busy parents don't have. Bounded makes it quick and easy to collect photos and notes, storing them in an online scrapbook forever.

Post by email

You're busy. We get it. You don't need another app to download and learn. Simply add notes to your scrapbook by sending an email to Your scrapbook will update automatically with your new note.

Organize multiple scrapbooks

Each note is bounded to a scrapbook in chronological order, making them easy to find and manage. Create up to 5 scrapbooks per account.

Share & Gift

When your scrapbook is ready, share memories with people in delightful ways. From sending individual memories in emails over time, publishing a private online scrapbook, or ordering a physical one!

Invite friends and family

Don't go at it alone! Invite friends and family to contribute to your scrapbooks! They too can share their experiences with your child.